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christmas cards were introduced in 1843 the same year a christmas carol was first published by sir henry cole an english businessman and patron of art the card was designed by john calcott horsley and helped popularize the expression merry christmas cole printed a thousand cards and sold them as a means to simplify the sending of christmas greetings, are we living in a dark age return of kings - gu non studied the mythologies of all the world civilizations he found that almost all civilizations had a concept of cyclical development each human cycle is divided into four periods that move from a stage of high spiritual development to degradation the golden silver bronze and iron ages, the food timeline history notes meat - bacon ancient romans gave us ham anglo saxons gave us bacon it is the food of kings and common folk tasty versatile economical and ubiquitous brown n serve precooked bacon was introduced to the american public in the 1960s usa consumption plummeted in when cholesterol was discovered and nitrates caused a stir, native american seed wildflowers and native prairie grasses - 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