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nikolay gogol biography novels short stories - nikolay gogol nikolay gogol 1809 52 was a ukrainian born short story writer and novelist whose work deeply influenced russian literature, nikolai gogol author biography - russian novelist nikolai gogol s best known work is the 1842 novel dead souls a fanatical priest convinced him to burn the second volume in 1852, nikolai gogol new world encyclopedia - nikolai vasilevich gogol russian march 31 1809 march 4 1852 was a ukrainian born russian writer although many of his works were influenced by his ukrainian heritage and upbringing he wrote in the russian language and his works are, nikolai gogol topic youtube - nikolai vasilievich gogol was a russian dramatist of ukrainian origin although gogol was considered by his contemporaries to be one of the preeminent figure, amazon com the collected tales of nikolai gogol - nikolai gogol was born in the ukraine in 1809 and died in 1852 originally trained as a painter he became interested in the theater and was soon known for his plays and short stories notably the diary of a madman 1834 the nose 1836 and the overcoat 1842, biografia de nikolai gogol biografias y vidas com - nikolai gogol nikolai vasilievich gogol sorochintsi actual ucrania 1809 mosc 1852 escritor ucraniano en lengua rusa hijo de un peque o terrateniente a los diecinueve a os se traslad a san petersburgo para intentar sin xito labrarse un futuro como bur crata de la administraci n zarista, nikolai gogol author of dead souls goodreads - nikolai vasilievich gogol was born in the ukrainian cossack village of sorochyntsi in poltava governorate of the russian empire present day ukraine his mother was a descendant of polish nobility his father vasily gogol yanovsky a descendant of ukrainian cossacks belonged to the petty gentry wrote poetry in russian and ukrainian and was, nikolai gogol bungostraydogs wiki fandom powered by wikia - nikolai gogol nikorai gogori is a member of the decay of angels gogol has layered sharp hair swept to the left side of his face however as short as it seems he also has a long braid of hair that often rests on his right shoulder, nikolai gogol amazon com - these are two volumes of the complete short stories from nikolai gogol dead souls is not included volume one is somewhat inferior to volume two but not everything here is flawed evenings on a farm near dikanka is a two part series of tales that involve russian life in the early 1800 s, nikolai gogol biography books and facts - nikolai vasilievich gogol was a ukrainian born russian writer he contributed to russian literature through his magnificently crafted dramas novels and short stories he was one of the major proponents of the natural school of russian literary realism, nikolai gogol world famous playwrights from russia 2018 - nikolai vasilyevich gogol russian prose writer poet playwright essayist critic biography overview of gogol s literary works secrets of the enigmatic russian literary genius photos and information about gogol s addresses gogol memorial house in moscow find out where monuments to gogol are located, nikolai gogol the new york times - essay the russian comic writer who s an antidote to mad times nikolai gogol the 19th century author and playwright understood better than any artist since what perfect nonsense goes on in